Foil-covered operating elements

The polyester that can do more!

Membrane operating systems are probably the units most frequently encountered in industrial and commercial settings. [Summary of membrane keyboards]

That comes as no surprise, because they are particularly tough and functionally reliable in line with their design. Not least, membrane keyboards help prevent downtimes at the human-machine interface so that downtime costs and the possible loss of reputation cannot even occur.

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All the benefits at a glance

  • Membrane keyboards are particularly resistant to mechanical influences. This is possible because of their robust support plate made of aluminum.
  • Operating errors are prevented because the controls are so precise. This is because increased key pressure has to be exerted to activate the keys.

    This effect is increased by the mechanical/acoustic feedback from the keys. The use of a double contact function, which is achieved using two-stage key functions, is highly recommended to provide additional reliability.

  • The hard-wearing film membrane made of polyester [material durability of plastic] on the operating surface withstands oils, fats, chemicals and dirt. It is also simple to clean and disinfect the sealed surface.

  • By printing the rear side of the transparent front film, the layout is not subject to wear and tear and this ensures a long serviceable life.

  • Maximum adaptability in line with customers’ wishes – the shape, color, dimensions and technical features of our membrane keyboards can all be individually designed.

  • Time is money. The time spent to clean working equipment thoroughly and intensively, particularly in hygiene-sensitive fields, is a huge cost factor. This time can be reduced by using membrane keyboards. The almost even key relief means that it is easy to use the unit hygienically. It is also simple and quick to clean the sealed surface.

  • The worst-case scenario in industry is when devices and machines break down – process chains are disrupted and additional resources are needed to eliminate the breakdown. That is an expensive business!

    Membrane keyboards are suitable for use in adverse conditions because of their tough design and they make a crucial contribution to minimizing breakdowns at the human-machine interface. IP65 class protection guarantees a long serviceable life.

  • Are external features as important to you as inner values? We can design your membrane keyboard to fully match your wishes. Using our in-house digital and screen printing [production video for screen and digital printing], we can provide your keyboard with graphical or photo-like elements in line with your ideas.

    Thanks to printing the front film on the rear, the design is protected from wear and tear as well as UV radiation.

Our portfolio of membrane operating elements is varied and has the following impressive features:

  • Lighting options

  • Liquid-repellant coatings
  • Integrated cursor operations through trackballs or touch pads

  • Comfortable system integration through various insertion mountings
  • Possible to integrate additional joysticks, touch pads, trackballs or emergency-OFF buttons
  • Can be customized in

    • the shape of the front panel,
    • the number and position of the keys
  • A selection of different types of key embossing for optimized haptics

  • A selection between

    • short-stroke keys and [membrane keyboards with short-stroke keys]
    • snap domes. [membrane keyboards with snap domes]
  • Integrating feedback and status displays like LEDs or mini-displays

  • Specific mounting elements

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