Operating on glass

Glass – a tough and beautiful material!

Whether consciously or unconsciously, stone age people already used glass as a material for themselves. They used it as a cutting tool in the form of obsidians and tektites.

A few thousand years later and having undergone huge developments, it is no longer possible to imagine life without glass nowadays. Whether as a decorative item, in optics, as a window or a container - this all-rounder can be found in almost every area of life.

The benefits of glass cannot be denied and we use them in the field of operating technology too.

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The benefits at a glance

Primarily its extreme durability [material resistance of glass] makes glass the ideal material for manufacturing data input devices.

  • It defies wind and sunshine, thanks to its resistance to the effects of the weather, and retains its appearance and its integrity. Glass is subject to almost no wear and tear. Contact with other materials does not cause any abrasion either.

  • Its smooth and glistening surface is very easy to clean and it is also dustproof and waterproof.

  • Electricity cannot affect this material either, because it acts as an ideal insulator against electric current.

  • Traditional operating surfaces carry the risk that dirt and pathogens may gather on them and multiply. This can cause an enormous problem, particularly in hygiene-sensitive areas.

    Data input devices with a glass surface make a major contribution to hygiene. It is easy to clean the sealed surface thoroughly. Thanks to the durability of glass, there is no problem using disinfectants and aggressive cleaning agents either. The devices are therefore ideal for use at doctors’ practices, in laboratories or in pharmaceutical settings [glass in medicine] and anywhere where it is necessary to minimize the multiplication and spread of dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses.

    Some of our glass keyboards have a hygiene certificate, which confirms their suitability for use in hygiene settings. [Link zum Zertifikat]

  • Glass in an industrial setting? Admittedly, operations there are rarely gentle and the tools and devices put to use need to be able to withstand a great deal. But in contrast to its general reputation, glass is a very robust material.

    We use particularly durable glass panels for our data input devices that are specifically suitable for use in commerce and industry. This is achieved by thermally treating the glass. Artificial tension is created by heating and cooling processes and this increases the material’s impact and bending strength, its scratch resistance and its thermal stability.

    Chemical strengthening is another very effective hardening process. By exchanging the ions, a high degree of compressive stress is achieved on the surface of the material and this then makes it more stable. A prominent example of this is so-called Gorilla glass, which we also use for our Cleankeys series [summary of Cleankeys devices]

    No coolants or lubricants or dirt and dust can penetrate the glass because of its sealed surface. Glass is also heat-resistant. There is therefore nothing to stop using operating elements made of glass in industrial settings [glass in industry].

  • In addition to all its advantages as a material, glass is particularly suitable for one purpose – design. It has a classy and attractive appearance through its clear structure and gives any desk, operating panel, terminal or fitting a very special touch.

    The shape of glass can also be adapted to individual requirements. Screen and digital printing, for example, enable us to not only select different country layouts and add logos, but also design the operating surface with customized wishes regarding colors and patterns. [Individualization]

The portfolio of glass operating elements from GETT is varied and has the following impressive features:

  • Background lighting

  • Available as

    • an individual switch,
    • a keypad,
    • a keyboard or
    • a touch screen.
  • Operating feedback as an acoustic signal or local vibration

  • Anti-blending effect

  • Haptic design features possible

  • Improved ease of movement through additional surface treatment

  • Glass thicknesses from 0.8mm up to 3mm

  • Complete abrasion resistance through back glass printing
  • Individual dimensions possible

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