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4-Day work week


We would like our members of staff to have a sense of well-being, enjoy an excellent work-life balance and be able to start each new working week after recovering and recharging their batteries. We are therefore introducing a 4-day working week.

There will initially be a test period, which will extend from October 2023 until January 2024 inclusive. If this is successful – and we will examine this in various ways (e.g. through questioning our employees on a regular basis) and support the process with optimization measures – we will integrate this time model into our company on a long-term basis.

What exactly does it involve? The 4-day working week extends from Monday to Thursday. We are reducing our employees‘ working hours by 10%. If a person has a full-time position (40 hours per week), this will then be reduced to a 36-hour week, for example. These 36 hours will be divided up between Monday and Thursday. The employee’s salary is not affected by this adjustment. We want to use this system to give our employees what is currently the most important asset – TIME!

More time for hobbies, family, travel, household chores or simply time for themselves… Each person will certainly benefit to the full.

This measure is also part of our strategy to meet our sustainability goals. As the company will be closed on Fridays in the future, we are reducing our company’s energy consumption – and alongside this, we are indirectly cutting the CO2 emissions caused by our employees’ journeys to and from work because they will travel less frequently.