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Industrial silicone keyboards

he setting is hard, but operations are soft!

Straight out of the catalog: waterproof and dustproof silicone keyboards

Admittedly, it is essential to have a PC keyboard if you want to input data. The gentle keystrokes and the familiar clicking sound have long since become part of our daily routine. However, there are some restrictions. They occur if the keyboard does not work, no longer works or only works for a short time. Why do Logitech, Acer, Cherry and the others break down and what are the reasons for this?

A traditional keyboard has a plastic frame and keys with sensitive mechanics. Hard mechanical effects like impacts or dropping the keyboard quickly cause it to malfunction. The same occurs if liquids, fats or dust reach the inside of the keyboard, which is not difficult, given the gap that surrounds the keys.

The susceptibility of traditional PC keyboards to break down in a commercial/industrial setting is therefore a risk that needs to be taken seriously. Operating errors and malfunctions have a negative effect on processes and cause additional, avoidable costs. Silicone keyboards are the preferred alternative here. They provide the functions and operating feel of traditional keyboards in an almost identical manner, but also have a high degree of resistance. Their reliability in terms of functions make them indispensable working tools in settings where there is a high level of mechanical and chemical stress.

Advantages of the technology:

  • A completely sealed surface

  • Extensive cleaning possible
  • Resists fats, oils and technical liquids
  • Resists aggressive cleaning agents
  • Shaped keys enable comfortable operations
  • A wide range of keyboard models
  • Integrated touch pads or mouse buttons as a PC mouse substitute
  • A long serviceable life
  • All the common country layouts possible
  • Assembly features like VESA MIS
Industrial silicone keyboards

Conclusion: keyboards and key modules made of silicone provide a high degree of resistance and also offer the accustomed operating comfort of a PC keyboard.

How does it work?

Silicone rubber is a hard-wearing material, but it is also extremely elastic. These properties mean that it possible to create sealed surfaces and frames with shaped keys. The flexibility of the keys offers the same kind of operating comfort as on a traditional PC keyboard. The silicone surface is provided with a coating after it has been manufactured. This coating makes the material more resistant, liquid-repellent and less porous.

The keys on the silicone keyboard models vary, depending on the model. They are firstly different in terms of their height and geometry. Secondly, they are distinguished by the switching force that is required to operate a key. This is due to individual requirements in different sectors. A key, which is operated with a working glove, for example, requires greater operating pressure to provide tactile feedback that can be felt.

The crucial feature on silicone keyboards is that they are impenetrable to any effects from outside. The frames are sealed and are completely waterproof. They can therefore even be immersed in liquids. The advantage of the seal is that the units can be thoroughly cleaned. Even stubborn fatty deposits can be removed very easily.

Standard silicone keyboard models are available with many different options. They are developed for specific sectors and the conditions that exist in these settings. This range of products now goes back 25 years and has constantly adapted to the changes in requirements during this time.

Fields of use:

  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • The food and drinks industry
  • Safety and defense technology
  • The raw materials extraction industry
  • The raw materials extraction industry
  • The chemical industry

Pssst…highly recommended

Are you uncertain which Silicone keyboard you should select? Our customers would recommend that you buy our compact keyboard for insertion with an integrated touch pad and function keys. It is the bestseller in our silicone portfolio.

Customize your Industrial Silicone keyboard

You may not need a completely customized operating solution, but the catalog product could be spruced up a little? It is possible to adapt the product that you require in line with your ideas.

  • Adding a customer logo

  • A modified keyboard layout (includes adding more symbols)

  • Handling all country layouts

  • Variable cable lengths

  • Surface treatments like polishing, providing a matt finish etc.

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