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Illuminated operating concepts

Individual illumination of operating units

The illumination of data input devices and components is necessary in poor visibility conditions. This applies to areas of application such as mining, control and driver’s cabs in transportation, studio technology, defense technology, operating rooms or outdoor info systems. But aesthetic requirements are also playing an increasingly important role. Representative are the areas of point-of-sales, exhibition and conference, intelligent furniture or building technology.

In addition to the pure realization of lighting, GETT develops the necessary control and regulating elements for brightness control, color selection, symbolism represented by light or automated switching on and off.

Marcel Vettermann
Marcel Vettermann
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Types of lighting

Types of lighting

  • Symbol illumination
  • Full key surface illumination
  • Border illumination of the control elements
  • Backlighting of the entire user interface
  • Backlighting of design elements
  • Combinations of the different types of lighting
  • Direct or diffused lighting

Lighting Technologies

  • Use of LED in different colors and technologies (for direct and indirect lighting)
  • Electroluminescent films
  • Light guide films
    (transparent films with light refraction by punctual roughening)
  • Light guides
  • OLED
  • Scattering discs and plates for diffusion
  • Light shafts
Lighting technologies


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