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Our R&D department knows precisely what matters

Aspects like target cost information, ergonomics, feasibility of production and functionality. 

Before investing a great deal of money in the mass production of a product, it usually makes sense to check its functionality, esthetics and ergonomics in a prototype.

Marcel Vettermann

Marcel Vettermann
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Development expertise at a glance

Having a product idea is one thing. Developing it in line with aspects like feasibility of production, esthetics, functionality and taking into account target cost specifications represent the challenging stage when developing any product.

Our well-coordinated developer team, which consists of engineers, designers as well as hardware and software developers, understand how to include these factors in the development of your product.

By including future technologies and the latest equipment, we draw up a draft design and a technical concept, refine it and then optimize it with regard to the manufacturing processes and costs. Risks are analyzed, minimized or even completely ruled out.



  • GUI for devices –> menu navigation, in small displays/displays
  • device concepts –>acquisition, display, processing of parameters
  • Visualization of data –>graphical visualization, statistics
    Control of device periphery in low voltage range –> stepper motors, actuators, test concepts for serial products –> test software, LabView, test equipment for quality assurance
  • Feasibility analyses –> evaluation of solutions and technologies, functional samples and demonstrators


  • Modern software tools –> Solid Works and Inventor
  • 3D printing (Formlabs resin-based research)
  • Injection molding plastics
  • Glass printing –> Data preparation from the idea to the finished print image for screen and digital printing
Hardware development

Hardware development

  • Modern software tools for PCB design–>Altium Designer 20, (Eagle also possible)
  • Analog and digital circuit design in the low voltage range
  • Hardware extensions for the Raspberry Pi / ComputeModule
  • Serial interfaces, Analog inputs and outputs, Digital inputs and outputs, Display interfaces (RGB, LVDS), Camera
  • Interfaces:
    – RS232, Ethernet, PoE, USB, PS/2
    – Field busses: CAN Bus, RS485 and others
    EMC investigations
    – measurements during development (ESD /BURST SEARCH)
    – Handling of certifications
    – Solution finding for EMC problems
    – Sensor/measurement technology on request
  • Circuit design for MCU’s –> 8-Bit, 32-Bit, ESP32

Software development

  • Firmwareentwicklung unter anderem für folgende Microcontroller: 8-Bit AVR, 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M
  • Anwendungsentwicklung auf .NET Basis
    - PC-Tools wie z.B. Konfigurationsprogramme,
    - Prüfsoftware und -Tools
  • USB Devices –>HID, CDC, weitere auf Anfrage
  • PS/2 Device –> Tastatur, Maus
  • CAN Slave
    - CAN Raw
    - CAN Open
  • Ethernet
    - TCP/IP z.B. MQTT, RPC
    - UDP z.B. COAP
  • Serielle Schnittstellen
    - I2C, SPI, UART, IR, 1-Wire, Master/Slave Anwendungen
  • Datenübertragungen über Modbus
    - TCP/IP; RTU
Software development

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