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From a garage in Mahnbrück to the digital world – a success story lasting a quarter of a century!

Our vision was launched in a small garage in the Vogtland District and this marked the start of a success story at GETT Gerätetechnik, which goes back 25 years. Having our main company office in Treuen reflects our clear commitment to the region and it is the headquarters for the entire corporate group, the GETT.GROUP. GETT.GERMANY has been based here since 1996 and has excellent international connections with GETT.AMERICA in Houston (USA, Texas), GETT.ASIA in Hong Kong and GETT.ASIA ASSEMBLY in Shenzhen (China) within a strong network – and right round the globe.>

“The Asian market is an important element in our products. However, we’re mainly benefitting from its increasing orientation towards technology and dynamism.”

(Steve Möckel; CEO)

Steve Möckel

Professional operating technology that is “Made in Germany”

We achieved our first sales of standard keyboards in 1996 thanks to our innovative spirit, passion and having the necessary expertise. Underpinned by our vision, a highly diverse portfolio of professional operating technology, which was “Made in Germany,” quickly developed as the demand for modifications to standard keyboards increased. As a result, GETT developed into one of the leading providers of high-quality products and solutions for industry, commerce and the medical sector within a very short time.

We represent smart HMI solutions

It is our goal to create intelligent and intuitive human-machine relationships. The interaction with our HMI solutions should create an experience and provide relief from pressure. Liberated from complicated processes and unnecessary information, our customers become more efficient and obtain more space for what is absolutely essential! Our products help improve hospital hygiene around the world, ensure that no breakdowns occur in production and also pave the way for our customers to experience a smart, modern factory. We are consistently moving forwards to fulfil this mission with our team spirit, expertise and our forward-looking ideas and we are shaping your future. Our claim precisely describes our daily work – Creating better human-machine relationships.

“It’s important for us to deal with our employees on an equal footing, to “carry them along with us,” to inspire them and to create a working environment that brings them a sense of pleasure. That’s the only way to be successful in the long term.”

(Tino Pietzsch; CEO)

Tino Pietzsch

We develop and produce both components and complete, ready-to-use operating solutions. Production work performed by hand creates value added. As a result, we have a very pronounced level of manual craftsmanship. We are in a position to even complete very small numbers of individual products for our customers. Thanks to having our two production sites in Germany and China, we can design and make calculations for them within individual projects. The principle of “Design for Manufacturing” applies – minimum production costs with uncompromising product quality.

Technological change is our way of life

Awards, like the Saxon Milestone Prize in 2018, TV reports, but also partners and customers repeatedly acknowledge our innovative spirt, our passion and our technological expertise. Just as Jacques-Yves Cousteau said, “The condition for knowledge is curiosity.” We keep up with the latest trends through webinars, specialist conferences, domestic and international exhibitions, satisfy our curiosity and dedicate ourselves to progress.

“Hardware, in whatever form, will still be needed. However, the process of technological change will continue at an even faster pace. We remain determined and ready to take risks and will adapt to the coming changes and use them as an opportunity to continue developing the firm.”

(Pierre Beer; CEO)

Pierre Beer

This is taking place in full knowledge that we are all playing our part in in protecting our planet. We therefore pay attention to our ecological footprint at GETT. Sustainability and resource efficiency are absolutely paramount in our corporation’s strategic orientation.

We are supported by a large network of partners in the domestic and international medical and industrial sectors. We have personal contact partners to support you locally around the globe LINK zur Partnerseite. Quality and reliability are our top priorities – and excellence is our credo.