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A partnership of equals

We are not only “trade fair buddies” at the a3 exhibition in Friedrichshafen – but also form a successful partnership of equals.

Intuitive machine operations and the human/machine interface are extremely important for SOJKA. Suitable input devices for perfect parameterization and operations are absolutely essential for the company.
SOJKA has found a competent partner in GETT and the latter has generated a distinctive HMI system together with SOJKA specifically in line with customer requirements.

Why are we able to win over customers by pooling our skills and why should you have your product developed by GETT? @Christian Sojka summarizes matters in a nutshell.

Christian Sojka

Discover more about the cooperation between Sojka Automation and GETT in the interview here:

Doreen Flögel-Rodig
Doreen Flögel-Rodig