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GETT goes WESt

GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH takes over WES Systeme Electronic GmbH:
strengthening its system solutions, touch monitors and POI terminals segments

GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH, the “Made in Germany” product developer and provider of professional operating technology for industry, commerce and medicine, took over WES Systeme Electronic GmbH with effect from 24 August 2023. As a result, the GETT Group has enhanced its market share in the field of individual operating solutions and it will become one of the largest providers in this market segment in Germany.

WES Systeme Electronic GmbH will continue to operate under its current brand name and all of its previous employees will continue to work within the new corporate structure.

The Managing Director, Joachim Schreiweis, comments, “, “We’re delighted that we’ve found a really suitable and competent successor firm and we can be confident that the values that we’ve practised as a company and among our employees will be continued in line with our principles.”

GETT Managing Director, Pierre Beer, believes that this development marks an important milestone in consolidating the company’s leading position among the HMI specialists in Germany. “Thanks to this acquisition, we and the WMS Wachstumsfonds Mittelstand Sachsen (the Growth Fund for Saxon SMEs), a strong and reliable partner in helping us to implement our growth strategy, can expand our HMI services at the point of interest, for machine control systems and in the public arena. I’m absolutely convinced that WES ideally complements our portfolio and we’ll be able to continue growing together.”

The GETT Group has had business operations in the marketplace for almost 30 years and is a strong supporter of the Vogtland region with its headquarters in Treuen. It serves the largest markets in the world with business sites in the USA (Texas) and China (Hong Kong) and Shenzhen. The GETT Group currently employs 210 people around the world and supports its customers with issues ranging from product development to procurement and even series production. It also offers a broad portfolio of its own products in the fields of keyboards, mice, buttons, sensors and panel PCs.

Using the motto “Creating better human/machine relationships,” the GETT Group works daily to provide intuitive and intelligent human/machine relationships and solutions for its customers. “We love and live for products and bring product ideas to life so that they make a real difference. They make people’s lives easier, arouse enthusiasm and save the earth’s resources.

Regardless of whether our customer is a startup or a major corporation, we help people realize their product ideas,” says Pierre Beer, summarizing the company’s vision. He adds, “WES and GETT share a passion for developing reliable and individual solutions, both companies have had decades of experience in the market and have very flexible production procedures – even if only one item is required. I’m convinced that both companies will benefit from being able to work together.

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