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Capacitive glass operating panel


The foldable glass keyboard for wall workplaces not only provides the latest capacitive operating technology, but also complies with the strictest hygiene standards and upgrades its operating environment. The key features of the InduSense® Touch-Panel are its completely smooth operating surface made of glass and its smart design. The powder-coated aluminum case is light and strong and complements the operating panel in the best possible way.

The InduSense® Touch-Panel (TKR-086-TOUCH-PANEL-WHITE-USB) completes any RIS, HIS and PACS workplace in operating theaters. The foldable control solution can be easily included in existing operating theater wall terminals and has an additional work surface for your mouse, smartphone or documents. The glass surface makes it easy to clean and disinfect the unit with a single wipe. The keyboard can be operated with protective gloves made of latex or silicone and has some helpful product features.


The InduSense® Touch-Panel verifiably meets the latest EMC Directives in EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4.

The GETT product therefore offers double protection – both against the fatal consequences of a lack of hospital hygiene and emission interference.


There are no limits placed on your creativity when individualizing your InduSense® Touch-Panel.
We can complete your operating solution in line with your corporate identity so that you can make it known anywhere in the world.

You determine the degree of individualization…

- whether you need private labeling or even different country and keyboard layouts or varied design adjustments to the glass surface.

  • Visual cleaning reminder after 10,000 keystrokes by means of a signal LED
  • A keylock function prevents keys from being inadvertently triggered during cleaning operations
  • Comfortable touch because you can configure the sensitivity individually
  • Ergonomic way of working thanks to the keyboard’s negative tilt
  • The aluminum case remains rust-free and therefore has a long serviceable life
  • The case does not have any sharp corners or edges
  • The glass keyboard can be washed and disinfected and therefore meets high hygiene standards
  • A compact key layout with an integrated touch pad
  • IP65 protection at the front
  • A USB port for mouse or peripherals
  • Innovative “Made in Germany” engineering

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