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Touchless operating technologies

Never touch a running system

Controlling things without touching them is no longer science fiction. Touchless technologies have already been part of our everyday lives for a long time. It all started with doors that opened automatically at supermarkets, washbasin taps at public facilities and even operating the cockpit of the latest generation of vehicles. Even if the technologies used are different, their purpose is always the same – to have contact-free interaction between people and technology.

The reasons for developing and conducting research into contact-free operating and control elements are very varied. Not least, the Covid-19 pandemic has attracted attention to this technology and the need to adopt measures to minimize the health risks for society.

We too as a manufacturer of innovative HMI systems are making every effort to make the human-machine relationship simple, intuitive and safe. We are contributing to contact-free human-machine interaction with our optical switch [optical switch], an operating element based on proximity detection sensors.

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The benefits at a glance

  • Almost no wear and tear.
    No wear and tear are caused, as optical operating technology does not require any direct mechanical action. The same applies to the switching process in itself, as it is not mechanical either.

  • Absolutely hygienic.
    No contamination with dirt or pathogens is possible because interaction with the operating element does not involve any contact. Any spread of viruses, bacteria and germs on the switch’s surface is minimized too. You can protect yourself and society from possible sicknesses.

  • Reliable activation.
    Regardless of whether you have your hands full, are wearing gloves or have dirty hands, the state of the item needing to be reflected is irrelevant, as the sensors are based on reflection and detection.

We combine all the benefits that have been mentioned in one element in our optical switch [optical switch] and enable safe and hygienic human-machine interaction for a wide range of applications.

  • optical switch

    Hygiene is the dogma that has become especially important and, above all, a long-term issue since the onset of the pandemic. We have once again become aware that dangerous pathogens can spread very quickly at places that are used by large number of people. Whether in the health sector, at public facilities, in the catering business or food processing – contact areas, which are touched by many people, can be made safer if contact-free operating technology is used.

  • David against Goliath. We should believe that what are normally adverse conditions in industrial settings are completely unsuitable for highly delicate sensors. That is far from the truth. Equipped with IP 65 class protection at the front, the resistance of the optical switch [optical switch] is guaranteed against dirt and spray. Safety is another important issue. The activation time can be individually configured to prevent any incorrect triggering.

    optical switch
  • optical switch control panel
    Whether placed behind glass or bordered by the materials of your choice, the optical switch can be discretely integrated into the operating surface. Do you prefer a striking design? A wide variety of colors, graphics and photo-like elements can be included by printing them on the front panels too. LEDs in a wide range of colors put the final touch to the visual image of what is already innovative operating technology.

You can obtain our touchless operating technology with the following features:

  • Variable lighting colors
  • Variable proximity distances
  • Individually designed operating panels
  • Configuration software
  • Available individually or as a complete solution

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